One-to-one support, helping you manifest the life you long for.

During this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and mindful of government guidelines around social distancing, I am now working with clients virtually.

Whether your intention is to improve your mental health, deal with issues in your relationships, or manifest your best life, email me to book a virtual session.

I work 1-to-1 with a wide range of clients, all grappling with some aspect of their life.

This could be anxiety, heartbreak, coping with success, depression, an eating disorder, sex or relationship issues, writers or artists block, or a more general query about life – is this all there is? Or why am I not where I thought I’d be?

As well as working in private practice in London SW1, I also work from time to time at The Delhi Psychiatry Centre in India, and with a charity in New Delhi helping women trafficked to brothels.

Private practice

My private practice is in central London…

Clients are seen once a week, and the work is open-ended until you feel ready to leave.

My work is informed by my passion for story-telling. Our work together will give you the chance to have someone – perhaps for the first time in your life – listen to your story, help debunk the family myths, or re-write your own script for the life you long to manifest.


I’m registered with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

I have an M.A. in Psychotherapy awarded by The City University, London, and an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy, having studied for both at Regent’s College School of Psychotherapy & Counselling, London. My first degree is a B.A. in English Literature.

With regret, I do not give therapy via email or phone.