Lucy Beresford: ‘Naughty Mary Poppins’, Passionate Storyteller, Professional Listener, and Wellbeing Warrior

Hello, and welcome to the official website of me, Lucy Beresford

My mission is to effect positive change, whether that’s by sparking debate on a TV panel, helping you become your best self through therapy, creating libraries in domestic violence shelters, or holding the space for the stories of others to be told on live radio or in my novels.

I’m unique – as are you! – so I’m hard to cram into one box. I’m an experienced live broadcaster, the host of a weekly chat show #MindOverMatterMondays, an author published across 4 continents, a TEDx speaker with over 1.9 million views for my talk, and an award-winning UKCP-registered psychotherapist.

I’m also a bit of a girly swot about current affairs, so can be found each month on the BBC News Channel reviewing #TomorrowsPapersToday, or debating the stories of the day on The Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5.

Pop me an email if you would like to work with me, or let’s connect on social media.