Lucy on Good Morning Britian

Radio, TV, & #MindOverMatterMondays

‘Naughty Mary Poppins’, Mental Health mentor, and Wellbeing Warrior

Best known for hosting my own weekly phone-in show for 3 years on LBC Radio, where my amazing boss James Rea dubbed me the ‘Naughty Mary Poppins’, I’m passionate about sparking debate to bring about change and help people manifest the life they long for.

Not only am I a complete girly swot when it comes to news and current affairs, I love a good debate, and the chance to deep dive into stories of the day.

From the funeral of Prince Phillip, the aftermath of the UK local elections, the psychological effects of Lockdown (or lockdown easing), Biden’s inauguration, major sporting events or the Chelsea Flower Show, to PTSD in war zones, eating disorders, or national terrorist attacks, I know how to get to the essence of a story and discuss its relevance to an ordinary person like me.


Each week over on Instagram @thelucyberesford1 I have the amazing privilege to chat to inspiring, successful people about the milestones that brought them to where they are now, how they coped when life threw one of its curve balls, and about the things that now bring them joy – or hack them off! I’m easy either way.