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Two lovers, one jealous mother-in-law: Who will survive?


Invisible Threads

A mysterious death, a taboo love affair and the dark side in India few Westerners ever see. Shortlisted for Rubery International Book Award.

When Sara finds out her army husband Mike died in mysterious circumstance in India, she transfers her work to a clinic in Delhi to find out the truth. But there she falls under the spell of a patient – and a bewitching driver called Hemant. When her patient is kidnapped into a brothel, Sara gets sucked into India’s terrifying sex trade.



“A well-written psychological thriller… Invisible Threads is du Maurier-esque at best; Beresford rarely puts a foot wrong.”

Literary Review

“A dark and powerful book… Beresford’s novel is enjoyable, eye-opening, alluring…”

The Spectator

“Deeper than all the Eat, Pray, Loves… a strong Dickensian social conscience.”

Waterstones, Best of Fiction

“Lucy Beresford’s second novel is at once a powerful evocation of the sights, sounds and smells of India in the tradition of Paul Scott and J G Farrell and a poignant cri de coeur for the plight of the country’s women”

Michael Arditti, novelist

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