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Two lovers, one jealous mother-in-law: Who will survive?


Happy Relationships: at home, work and play

The internationally acclaimed book that helps you repair the toxic relationships in your life.

From the moment we are born we rely on others for our survival. But as we get older, we can sometimes find relationships upsetting and frustrating. In this insightful, warmly written book, psychotherapist and Psychologies agony aunt Lucy Beresford cuts to the chase of how to have harmonious, fulfilling relationships.



“Go on, try it. These stories will resonate with you…”

Evening Standard

“A brilliant read and gives you intelligent insights into issues that often clog our system and make our lives tough.”

Times of India

“Her no nonsense, jargon-free writing makes each lesson seem achievable…”

Soul & Spirit magazine

“My favourite was the chapter on the relationship you have with yourself”

Zest magazine

“If you have any problems with your relationship with others, you must surely pick this book. It’s worth all your time.”

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