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Two lovers, one jealous mother-in-law: Who will survive?


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Lucy Beresford is a global storyteller

Something I’m Not

Can the right choice, be right forever?

Amber’s happy with her life and husband, until a friend’s decision to adopt and a mile-high encounter with a stranger sends her into free-fall, forcing her to question the choices she’s made about life, love and family.

Invisible Threads

A mysterious death, a taboo love affair and India’s sex trade

Travelling to India to find out the truth behind her husband’s death, grieving Sara gets sucked into a taboo love affair – and the dark side of India few Westerners ever see.

Hungry for Love

The scrumptious best-seller about food, love – and sex

When Jax cancels her wedding on the day by text, she unleashes forces of empowerment and creativity that will change not only her life but the lives of those she loves.

Happy Relationships

The one book to help you de-toxify your life

By focussing first on your relationship with yourself, this book will improve communication and strengthen self-worth and contentment in your relationships.