Lucy Beresford: ‘Naughty Mary Poppins’, Passionate Storyteller, Professional Listener, and Changemaker Queen

I’m unique – as are you! – so I’m hard to put in a box. I am an experienced live broadcaster, a writer published across 4 continents, the host of a successful weekly chat show #MindOverMatterMondays, founder of the award-winning Kindness Club (UK Points of Light award), and an award-winning UKCP-registered psychotherapist (Prestige Awards).

I have also given a TEDx Talk, “Infidelity: to stay or go” which has been viewed over 1.9 million times.

I am life-curious, a bit of a travel-junkie (I’ve visited over 100 countries, including North Korea…), and am deeply engaged with global current affairs.

My superpower is that an analysis of relationships informs everything I do. The situation may be helping a therapy patient thrive after a romantic crisis, or explaining live on air our nation’s complex attachment to the NHS, or to politicians, or celebrities. With over 20 years clinical experience, and after 20 years working in the media, I know how to get to the heart of a story, make it accessible and intelligently explore its relevance to ordinary people like you and me.

Whether it’s the death of HRH Prince Philip, vaccine hesitancy, to mask or not to mask, or traumatic events in Israel or Myanmar, I know how to speak powerfully and succinctly to get people’s attention and to get them to think about a topic, a story, their life, in a different way.

Most importantly I help therapy clients see themselves as active agents in their own life. I help them explore the story of why they are where they are now – and help them rewrite that script for where they want to go next.

But access a therapy in the UK either involves months on an NHS waiting list, or lots of money. So as a practicing psychotherapist, my passion is to demystify therapy and psychology. Which is why I regularly take my expertise out of the therapy room and into the media. I am the author of Happy Relationships: at home, work and play, I am collaborating with the Happy Relationships app, and share free advice on Instagram @thelucyberesford1

I have also taken psychology out of the consulting room by writing for publications including Harpers Bazaar, Stella, Evening Standard, Metro, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, and The Daily Telegraph on all matters relating to mental health, relationships, sexual wellness, and wellbeing, from dating or depression, from sexual anorexia to selfie addiction, to the psychologies of general elections to the Great British Bake Off.

My authentic and energised approach to mental health and wellbeing has created a highly engaged audience and the perfect platform for carefully selected corporate brand partnerships.